Buyer Terms and Conditions

1. Retail Purchases 

1.1. ​All items that are locally sold by the Seller are covered by Return policy of 7 calendar days. Countdown starts after 24 hours from the date you received the item. You may email us at for refund and replacement.

1.2 The Seller will not be held liable for any products that has been misused and mishandled by you or any third party. Seller does not guarantee or warranty that its products will work for any unintended purpose. 1.3 Defective Units. Our support team will get you a replacement product as quickly as possible. If you discover that a product that you bought is defective, notify us within the 7 days period and we’ll do our best to get a replacement product to you as quickly as possible.

1.4 Replacement. Replacement is valid if the product does not meet your expectations within 7 days from the date of purchase. We do not provide refunds or replacements after 7 days from the date of purchase or for gift card purchases. 

2. Requirements for Valid Return

2.1 Meets the required coverage period above

2.2 Printed Invoice Number

2.3 Bank Details and Customer Information

​2.4 Reason for Return has to be valid and approved by the Seller.

3. Wholesale Purchases

Refund and Replacement under the Wholesale category will be based on the agreement between the Manufacturer and the B2B Buyer. Our scope is to act only as intermediary that will ensure on-time delivery of products from the origin to destination. In addition, custom designed / built / engineered products are non-returnable and non-refundable.

4. Terms of Payment 

For orders in bulk, a downpayment of 70% to process the orders and 30% upon the delivery of the product from the airport. Additional fee will apply for door to door delivery.  

5. Using Importers 

For products that will go through member importers, all trade activities will be the responsibility of the Buyer and the Importer. Any malicious activities should be reported to Marcheant and authorities.     

6. Warranty Services

All products are covered by the standard warranties provided by their manufacturers. If product problems arise within 90 days, you may be eligible for warranty service or other help from the manufacturer. You may contact the manufacturer directly using contact information included in the product packaging or found on the manufacturer's website.  If the manufacturer approved the claim, the consumer will shoulder the shipping costs and the manufacturer will work closely with the local distributor and consumer to resolve the issue.  

7. Buyer's Obligations

6.1 Always request for samples to test the product prior to purchase.  

6.2 For customized products, buyer must not encourage the use of substandard materials and sell this for public use. 

6.3 Buyer must not engage in illegal activities and should always abide by the rules of trade law within the territory. 

8. Privacy Policy

As described in detail below, any information we gather at this web site is strictly for our use and is not shared with any other entity, public or private, for any reason - period. We will not sell or give away any lists or other data that we may retain and we do not purchase such information from other sources.

6.1 Personal Information Collected - Order Forms. With the exception of credit card info, we store the information from your order form to allow us to track consulting issues or refer to a previous order to help provide some customer service. You may elect to have your information completely removed from this system by e-mailing us at with your request. We do not store any type of sales information.

6.2. Information Correction or Removal. If you wish to correct, update or remove any information about you that may be in our records, please send us e-mail at with the details of your request. If you wish to contact us further, please find complete contact information on our contact page.